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My Mum Body – #OtherMothers Topic Of The Month

Hey! I have written this post as part of the Other Mothers topic of the month (Other Mothers is an online blogger community of mums who support and inspire each other and I love being a part of it) which is all about our mum bodies. So here goes, this is what my mum body currently looks like..

My Mum Body.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Just a quick post today to wish all you special mummy’s a happy mother’s day, whether you are pregnant, trying for a baby, a grandma, a mum to one or a mum to many you are doing a great job! Sometimes, usually on days where I am so tired from being up all night with Jasper, I wonder if I am doing a good enough job of motherhood but then I see how happy he is and think I must be doing something right. I also want to say a big thank you to my mum for showing me how to be a great mum and for being the best grandma to Jasper!

Sleepy boy on the train yesterday.

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Baby Update – Jasper At 9 Months Old

Hello! I haven’t written a baby update post since Jasper was 5 months old, which you can read here, so I thought it was about time I wrote another. He has grown up so much in the last couple of months so I really wanted to document what he was like now. I’m sure I probably said this in the last post but Jasper has got the cheekiest personality and he makes me laugh all the time now by being silly. He is definitely becoming more independent now that he can move around more easily and he really knows his own mind and what he wants. Jasper is 9 and a half months as I am writing this (which is slightly later than I was hoping for because I have been a bit poorly, on the mend now though!).

Jasper’s hand and feet prints at 9 months and 3 days old.

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My Post Partum Fitness So Far – 9 Months Post Partum

Hey everyone, so last week was the first time I felt like I could start doing some proper exercise since Jasper was born. I decided to get all of my old gym gear out that I used to wear before I was pregnant and it made me feel really good putting it back on. I am back at my pre pregnancy weight (because Jasper doesn’t stop breastfeeding!) so the main reason I want to get back in to exercise is so I can start to feel strong again. I also think it will do wonders for my mind as well because I used to feel so good when I went to the gym. So far I have just managed a few home workouts using Youtube tutorials but I guess you have to start somewhere!

Out on a walk with the Jasper in the pram.

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Happy International Women’s Day

I can’t believe this big boy will be 9 months old tomorrow! It has definitely felt much faster than being pregnant (although Jasper wasn’t born for another 16 days after this was taken) and I have loved every minute of being a mum!

9 months in VS 9 months out

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5 Fun Books To Read To Your Baby

Over the last couple of week’s Jasper has been really getting to reading books. Every morning the first thing he will do is crawl over to his books and pull all of them out (so the front room is always a bit of a mess!), it’s so cute watching him look at them and try to turn the pages. He spends most of the day either having books read to him or playing with them himself, they are definitely his favourite toy at the moment. Pretty much as soon as I’ve finished a book, he will pick it back up and we will read it again, so I know the words by heart to most of his books now. I thought I would share some of Jasper’s favourites, so if you are looking for books to buy a baby these will most likely be a hit.

Jasper’s 5 favourite books at the moment.

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Attending A Mini First Aid Course

Last week myself and James (and of course Jasper!) attended a mini first aid to learn what to do to keep Jasper safe in loads of different situations. The course taught us how to perform first aid on infants (0-12 months old) and on children (1-12 years old). It had loads of great information as well as practical exercises to put in to practise what we had learnt. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has the opportunity to go, we definitely feel more equipped to handle certain situations and hopefully we will never need to use what we learnt but it’s better to be prepared!

What to keep in a first aid kit.

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How To Make Cornflour Slime – Messy Play Activity

Hi Everyone, in January me and Jasper went to a messy play session at the local children’s centre. There were 3 different messy activities to play in including cornflour slime, homemade play dough and cooked multi coloured pasta. Jasper had a lot of fun playing in the slime, watching it drip everywhere and trying to eat it with a spoon, so I thought I would try and recreate it at home. I also found the the slime really satisfying to play with because it feels like a solid when you scoop it up but it drips like a liquid, really weird! I read online that it is great to make this slime with older children as well as babies to introduce them to the concept of solids and liquids. So I think this would be a fun activity to do whatever age your child is but a little warning it did get really messy so I would recommend having plenty of towels on hand or a bath already run!

2019-02-24 20.05.08
Jasper playing in the slime.

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5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer When Your Baby Starts To Crawl

Hey everyone! Over last weekend Jasper has finally mastered crawling and he can now get about half way across the lounge, I am so not ready for this level of movement! Before this he spent a few weeks trying to get in to the crawling position without face planting the floor or just belly flopping. Then he spent a while rocking back and forth on all fours before finally getting on the move. I think I was slightly in denial that he would eventually move and now that he is, I am in full panic about baby proofing the house. So this post is about the 5 things I have been doing this week to make my house safe for a crawling baby.

Jasper crawling.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you are all having a lovely Valentine’s Day with who ever is special to you; children, other halves, pals or gals! I have spent the day with this little man at a Tiny Talk class and going for a walk in the sun (it’s finally starting to feel like spring, hopefully it lasts because I am so ready for warmer weather!). Now we are just waiting for daddy to come home so we can have a veggie sausage roast for tea.

A slightly blurry Jasper because he is always on the move!