How To Make Cornflour Slime – Messy Play Activity

Hi Everyone, in January me and Jasper went to a messy play session at the local children’s centre. There were 3 different messy activities to play in including cornflour slime, homemade play dough and cooked multi coloured pasta. Jasper had a lot of fun playing in the slime, watching it drip everywhere and trying to eat it with a spoon, so I thought I would try and recreate it at home. I also found the the slime really satisfying to play with because it feels like a solid when you scoop it up but it drips like a liquid, really weird! I read online that it is great to make this slime with older children as well as babies to introduce them to the concept of solids and liquids. So I think this would be a fun activity to do whatever age your child is but a little warning it did get really messy so I would recommend having plenty of towels on hand or a bath already run!

2019-02-24 20.05.08
Jasper playing in the slime.

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