5 Month Baby Update

Hi Everyone, today’s post is dedicated to my beautiful baby boy Jasper. I love reading other peoples baby updates so I hope you will enjoy finding out a bit about Jasper. He just turned five months this week so I thought it would be a nice time to write a post like this.

2018-09-26 10.44.15
Jasper’s hands and feet prints

He is a big bouncy baby currently weighing in at around 20 pounds (although I haven’t had him weighed for a couple weeks) and he has been in 6 to 9 month clothes for a couple of weeks now. My little chunky monkey loves his milk and he is exclusively breastfed. We have just started to give him his first tastes of solid food and I love seeing what foods he likes and doesn’t (so far avocado has been a fave!). His sleep is currently all over the place with every night being a bit of a surprise but I am hoping to write another post all about that.

Jasper has the cheekiest little personality and gives the biggest smiles, sticking his tongue out as well when he is the happiest. He is an excitable, energetic and active baby who is always on the move and pumping his legs. Jasper loves being social and likes to play the most with people but some times he can get a bit shy and bury his face in to the person holding him. He also enjoys being sung to and finds anticipation games like peek a boo really funny.

I have included a list of some of his milestones so far below which I hope you find interesting:

First smile – 5 weeks old
Lifted his head independently during tummy time – 10 weeks
First laugh – 10.5 weeks old
Rolled from front to back – 15 weeks old (although he has only done this once which we happened to get on video!)
First taste of solid food (baby rice) – 19 weeks old
First time eating his foot – 19.5 weeks old

I can’t wait to watch Jasper grow, see how he develops and what he does next!

Thanks for reading, Jen x



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