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My Mum Body – #OtherMothers Topic Of The Month

Hey! I have written this post as part of the Other Mothers topic of the month (Other Mothers is an online blogger community of mums who support and inspire each other and I love being a part of it) which is all about our mum bodies. So here goes, this is what my mum body currently looks like..

My Mum Body.

When I look at this picture, the first thing that I notice is my beautiful baby boy. It’s only once I have stopped admiring him that I start notice myself and start to pick at my appearance. The main thing I notice, that I didn’t even realise before I took this picture, is that my arms are much bigger than they used to be, I guess from carrying round this big boy all the time.

Overall I don’t think the look of my body has changed too much since I have become a mum, except from my under eye bags which are way bigger! I think generally the changes to my bodies appearance are quite minimal as I am the same weight as I used to be and pretty much the same size. The parts of my body that I am the least confident about are the things that I have always been the least confident about (mainly my legs!).

What has changed though is my stomach (obviously!), my boobs and I now have a scar from having my caesarean. The lighting in the picture is really good but my tummy is definitely much squishier than it used to be, much to Jasper’s delight because he loves pulling at it for some reason. Although I find it toe curling when he does this because it pulls at my scar which can sometimes really hurt. I also have a really strange belly button now, it went from an innie to an outie when I was pregnant and has never really gone back in. Breastfeeding has probably done my boobs no favours because there are a few more stretch marks than there used to be and they much require more support now.

There are some less obvious changes to my body that I think are as a result of my caesarean that I wish hadn’t changed. Like I have a wiggly vein in a my hand that never used to be there and my organs still feel like they float around my stomach which is a bit weird.

The parts of my body that I am probably the most insecure about are my legs, which is why I have got them covered in the picture. I have always been the least confident about them, since before I even had a baby, because regardless of how much exercise I do I just can’t seem to be able to tone them up. I have also always felt like my hips are too wide as well. And because I have scoliosis (a curve in my spine) my waist isn’t even on both sides. All of these things though I have always been insecure about and they haven’t really changed since becoming a mum.

I feel like its taking me a long time to recover from being pregnant and having a caesarean section. But I really want to feel strong again and I feel like I am now ready to start exercising again. So far I am just doing Youtube videos at home but it’s a start right?

What I have realised since having a baby is that my body is much stronger than I could ever have imagined. I grew him, had a 3 day labour, surgery and have breast feed him for 10 months so far. That’s more than I ever thought that my body could do so I am so grateful for that. I am in total awe of the female body really because how we can grow and sustain a whole new life really is incredible.

I think what I am trying to say is that, although I still have many insecurities about how my body looks, I am so proud about what it has achieved in growing and sustaining a baby.

How did you feel about your body about having a baby? Let me know in comments or on Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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