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#othermothers Summer Challenge Roundup

Over the summer I took part in the #othermothers challenge on Instagram. It involved a different prompt each week, as listed in the picture below, to create a post on. I took part in the first 6 weeks but missed the last week because we were away at cbeebies land. I thought it would to be nice to share what I posted each week in one post as a roundup. If you want to see what other people posted check out the #othermothers hashtag on Instagram.


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other mothers

My Mum Body – #OtherMothers Topic Of The Month

Hey! I have written this post as part of the Other Mothers topic of the month (Other Mothers is an online blogger community of mums who support and inspire each other and I love being a part of it) which is all about our mum bodies. So here goes, this is what my mum body currently looks like..

My Mum Body.

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If I Had 1 Million Followers

First of all, how did that even happen? I can’t imagine that a million people would ever find me and want to hear what I had to say. But if for some reason I woke up one day and a million people did want to hear what I had to say then I would want to use the scale of audience to spread a positive message that may help people and the world.

Yummy fruit salad, not the most inspiring plant based dish but I thought it looked pretty!

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