5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer When Your Baby Starts To Crawl

Hey everyone! Over last weekend Jasper has finally mastered crawling and he can now get about half way across the lounge, I am so not ready for this level of movement! Before this he spent a few weeks trying to get in to the crawling position without face planting the floor or just belly flopping. Then he spent a while rocking back and forth on all fours before finally getting on the move. I think I was slightly in denial that he would eventually move and now that he is, I am in full panic about baby proofing the house. So this post is about the 5 things I have been doing this week to make my house safe for a crawling baby.

Jasper crawling.

  1. The first thing I have done is to crawl around the areas Jasper plays and tried to identify any unsafe objects. I felt quite silly doing this but it seemed to work as there was loads of stuff that needed moving. It’s amazing how much we were ‘storing’ on the floor to be put away, I just need to actually put it away now!
  2. It is recommended that when your baby is on the move that you have stair gates at both the top and bottom of the stairs. So I bought a Baby Dan stair gate for the top of the stairs that screws in to the wall and has no bottom bar that could be a trip hazard. I went to have it fit today and realised its too small (it actually looks miniature compared to the gap!) so I have reordered it but as a wider size. For the bottom of the stairs I am planning to get a pressure fit stair gate but I still need to pick one and get it ordered.
  3. I have bought plastic socket covers for any plug sockets that Jasper might be able to get to. I have also started to hide any wires, for two reasons so that Jasper doesn’t have access to any electrics and so that he can’t pull anything down on himself like lamps.
  4. I have got some covers to protect Jasper’s head from any sharp corners he might find (I think they might be made from silicone?). We don’t have that many low down tables so I don’t think these will be too much of a problem whilst he is only crawling but I definitely think these will be needed for when he starts to toddle around.
  5. The final bit of baby proofing I have been doing is to start to think about what needs to be made safe for when he can walk. He has already started trying to pull himself up on things so I really need to get a move to with this, any tips would be great!
An action shot of Jasper planking!

I hope you have found this post useful if you are starting your baby proofing or if you have already done this then I would love some advice on any other safety measuresย  should be taking!

Thanks for reading, Jen x



7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Home Safer When Your Baby Starts To Crawl”

  1. This is brilliant! We are just getting to this stage with my daughter (baby 2) and had forgotten some of this! Thanks for the reminder ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  2. Great blog! Logan’s just turned one and has been crawling for months hes super close to walking actually and I’m yet to baby proof my home, I’m so behind!
    Especially with plug socket covers. I swear every baby is obsessed with plugs and wires!


    1. Yeah baby proofing is hard, I’m so not prepared for all the new hazards Jasper will find when he can walk! They do all love wires so much, he can spot them across the room and make a beeline before I’ve even realised its there x


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