My Post Partum Fitness So Far – 9 Months Post Partum

Hey everyone, so last week was the first time I felt like I could start doing some proper exercise since Jasper was born. I decided to get all of my old gym gear out that I used to wear before I was pregnant and it made me feel really good putting it back on. I am back at my pre pregnancy weight (because Jasper doesn’t stop breastfeeding!) so the main reason I want to get back in to exercise is so I can start to feel strong again. I also think it will do wonders for my mind as well because I used to feel so good when I went to the gym. So far I have just managed a few home workouts using Youtube tutorials but I guess you have to start somewhere!

Out on a walk with the Jasper in the pram.

Since Jasper has been born the only exercise I have been doing is walks with him in the pram and some physiotherapy exercises. I have included a picture below of the first walk I was able to take Jasper on when he was a month old. He was born by caesarean section and I had lost quite a bit of blood during the surgery and the wound got infected so it took quite a while for me to build up the strength to even go outside. I thought it was interesting to see how far I had come since this picture because I still look pregnant in it and I am very hunched over from having a sore tummy after the surgery. I am also so pale which I think is funny given how the picture was taken in the middle of the UK’s hottest ever summer!

My first walk with Jasper when he was one month old.

For this first walk I literally walked less than 100 metres down the road and back but it took me so long and I was exhausted by the time I got home because I had been sedentary for so long. So for the next few weeks after this I just tried to slowly build up how long I could walk for and how often I could go for walks. Since then I now try to go for walks on most days, even if its just 15 minutes round the block, because I feel so much better when we spend some time outside.

When Jasper was 4 months old, I went for my first women’s health physiotherapy appointment. I got referred to this because I had hip pain during pregnancy that was still there after Jasper was born. During my first physiotherapy appointment I found out that I also had diastasis recti (which is also known as abdominal separation) that needed repairing. So after this appointment I was given exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and my transverse abdominis (which are the deep core muscles) and told to do these exercises three times a day. I then had a physiotherapy appointment each month until being discharged in February this year, so I had 5 appointments in total. At each appointment I was given more exercises to do to help build up my core strength and repair the muscles.

Also because I had a caesarean, the physiotherapist did some mobility work on my scar to help mobilise the scar tissue. I found this to be really helpful because it would sometimes cause me pain when I woke up in the morning (I guess because the tissue was stiff) but since the scar mobility it hasn’t hurt.

I would highly recommend having physiotherapy after birth if you have the opportunity because I think it really helps to build your strength back up in a safe way. It has really helped to strengthen my hips which has reduced the pain I was getting in them.

I still try to regularly do the physiotherapy exercises since being discharged to maintain the strength I have gained and to stop my hips from getting sore again. But I now feel like I am ready to do some higher intensity exercise, I’m just not sure what yet so any tips on helping this mum get back in to exercise would be fab!

I would love to know how you felt about exercise after having a baby and how you got back in to it.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


8 thoughts on “My Post Partum Fitness So Far – 9 Months Post Partum”

  1. I had so much pain after J, I never thought to speak to physio. I’ll remember that this time around. I definitely want to work on getting back into my size 12’s after this baby. No rush though as I don’t want to pressure myself but it’s definitely my goal x

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    1. I asked to be referred to physio at my 6 week post natal heck up so that could be an option for you, the pain is tough especially with a newborn. Definitely no rush, it takes 9 months to grow them! x

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  2. My baby is 4 months old, I started doing at home workouts mainly following videos on Youtube but recently I have been feeling so tired that I don’t actually get around to doing anything! I walk my 2 other kids to school and my daily walking is around 5miles. xxx

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      1. It is a lot but I think my body is so use to actually doing it that I don’t loose weight because of it. It needs the extra push!!
        Everyday I plan to nap whilst she naps but it never happens! Haha xxx

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