My A To Z Of Parenting Challenge

Hi! Thank you to Erin over at for tagging me in the A to Z of parenting challenge created by Yule Times. So here are my answers to the tag.


A – Anxiety

Not the most positive start to this challenge! Before I was a mum I had never really experienced anxiety but now I suffer with separation anxiety, probably worse than Jasper.

B – Breastfeeding

I have been lucky enough to still be exclusively breastfeeding Jasper (alongside solid food now) which I feel really grateful for.

C – Classes

I know these aren’t for everyone but I love going to baby classes. Me and Jasper currently go to Tiny Talk, Singing Class and All Kinds Of Play each week.

D – Drumming

Jasper drums on anything, anywhere, all the time.

E – Enthusiastic

Since becoming a mum, I have definitely learnt to be enthusiastic about everything. I do find it funny though when I forget I am talking to an adult, and not Jasper, and say something like “Look, a boat” really enthusiastically.

F – Funny

As Jasper gets older, he’s developing such a silly personality which is so funny.

G – GP

I have been to the GP’s more times since becoming a mum than I did before.

H – Happy

Every time I look at Jasper’s little face or watch him playing my heart just fills with so much happiness, I didn’t know was possible.

I – Instinct

Since becoming a mum, I have realised that mother’s instinct is definitely a thing.

J – Jasper

My baby boy. Me and James loved this name before I was pregnant and as soon as we found out we were having a boy we knew he would be Jasper.

K – Kisses

Jasper has just learnt to give and blow kisses. He gives the biggest and wettest kisses ever but I love it.

L – Life Changing

I didn’t realise how much my life and priorities would change when I became a mum. Even when I was pregnant I didn’t know but now that he is here my outlook on everything really has changed so much.

M – Mummy

I absolutely love being Jasper’s mummy and I can’t wait to hear him call me this.

N – Nappy Changes

Jasper has just realised he can roll away from me mid nappy change so that has made them even more difficult, but his bare bum is really cute.

O – ‘Oh Dear’

This was one of the first books Jasper got and we have read it so many times.

P – Proud

Jasper only has to do the smallest thing and I feel so proud. When he was a newborn I was so impressed every time he did a burp!

Q – Quiet 

The only thing that keeps Jasper quiet is chasing his ball around.

R – Routine

I have always liked having a routine but I think since becoming a mum I have learnt to relax my routine a bit and really try to follow Jasper’s cues a bit more.

S – Sleep

Or more accurately lack of sleep. I’ve not slept for more than a couple of hours in  row for months.

T – Teething

Jasper is 10 months old now and has only just got his first tooth so it has felt like he has been teething forever.

U – Unconditional Love

I just love my baby so much.

V – Vacuum

This is something I really struggle to get done these days, firstly because I have no time and secondly because Jasper is really scared of the hoover every time it comes out.

W – Weaning

I am well underway with trying to wean Jasper now, I love when he tries a new food and really likes it. Recently he has been loving mushrooms and houmous.

X – Xylophone

Me and James bought Jasper one for Christmas but so far I think James might have enjoyed it more.

Y – Yoghurt

Jasper’s favourite food.


The constant battle between wanting to stay up and blog and needing to catch some of these.

I would like to nominate Hannah over at

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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