#FilteredLives Campaign

A natural selfie. I would never normally feel comfortable posting a picture without any make up on and with my hair looking such a mess especially without Jasper there as a distraction.

But to support #FilteredLives I have decided just to go for it. This campaign is to help @GetawayGirlsLeeds spread the message that you are beautiful as you are.


It is easy to edit your life on social media to just portray what you want people to see. I know I am much more likely to post my highs of motherhood, partly because this is what I want to look back on and also because when lows are happening I am more likely to be dealing with them than posting about them. But this campaign has highlighted to me that if I like a picture I can post it even if I don’t think my hair looks good or there’s a pile of washing in the background (there always is!) because that’s real life and everyone can relate.

Post your own natural selfie f you want to take part in the campaign!

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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