A Little Update – Myself and Jasper Have Been Unwell

Hi! Firstly apologies for the silence over here, me and Jasper have had the flu and Jasper’s went on to his chest so he ended up needed antibiotics for a chest infection. So we have spent the last couple of week’s having lots of cuddles and watching too much Paw Patrol whilst being surrounded by tissues. We are just about on the mend now so I am looking forward to posting on here again.

Jasper shredding tissues and reading books.

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Baby Has Had A Cold

Hi Guys, this week has been quite a full on mum week because Baby Jasper has had a cold. It started on Monday really after quite a restless Sunday nights sleep (he doesn’t normally sleep great but this was even more disturbed). He wanted more milk during the night than normal so I guess it was to up his fluids to help him feel better. He then spent all of Monday sneezing a lot and being very snuffly and he also had two naps that were quite long for him (just over an hour). But despite being ill, he seemed in pretty good spirits so we decided to go out for a walk to get some fresh air and pop in to the library and to the park. I’ve included a picture of Jasper looking less than impressed on our walk below.

Poorly baby on a walk to get some fresh air.

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