Baby Firsts – Choosing Babies First Shoes

Last week I took Jasper to get his feet measured and to get his first pair of shoes. Since he was not confidently walking yet we went for the crawling/pre walking shoes so that they are still really flexible as his feet get used to walking and he gets more sturdy. When we were in the shop he kept curling up his toes because he wasn’t used to wearing shoes so it was really hard to get them on. Then when we did manage to put them on he pretty much refused to walk or stand in them because he had no idea what was going on. The first few times after this he kept tripping up over them so we let him wear them round the house quite a bit to get used to them.

Jasper’s first outing in his new shoes.

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Baby Firsts – Jasper Takes His First Steps

About 2 weeks ago, I was just pottering around in the kitchen and Jasper stood up at the door and took like 6 steps towards me. It was literally the craziest thing and I wasn’t expecting it. He had been standing and pulling himself up for ages and had taken the odd step here and there but not really without holding on.

Action shot of Jasper practically running across the park!

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Babies First Trip To The Dentist

On Tuesday, we took Jasper to the dentist for the first time. In the UK, it is recommended that babies first go to the dentist when their first tooth appears, the main reasons for this are so they get familiar with the idea of going to the dentist and so the dentist can give parents advise about looking after their children’s teeth. Jasper hasn’t actually got a tooth yet so we were a little early in taking him but as we were due check ups ourselves we thought the dentist might as well have a peek at his gums too.

2019-01-24 14.23.56
Jasper playing with his toys after the dentist.

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