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Baby Birth Sampler Idea

Hi guys, so this post was inspired by this week’s . The topic of the chat was all about self care and it was really nice to speak to some lovely ladies all about how we try and look after ourselves (easier said than done with little ones!). The last question of the chat was to set ourselves a challenge for the week ahead so I set my goal to try and set aside some time to work on Jasper’s birth sampler. I thought by setting this goal and now writing a blog post on it, it would really motivate me to do some stitching.

2019-02-05 20.23.08
Jasper’s Birth Sampler So Far.

I bought Jasper’s birth sampler when I was about 20 weeks pregnant, before I knew if he was a boy or a girl, and started it shortly after I got it. I really loved the design and it matches quite well with the theme of his nursery. Before Jasper was born I would work on his sampler quite a bit but recently I haven’t progressed with it as much.

2019-02-05 20.25.14

My plan is now that I have posted it on here, it will inspire me to make time to work on it more, and hopefully I will have another update to post soon. So far this week I have managed to put some stitches in to the horse square, so far so good! I find stitching really relaxing so it would probably be good to try and work on it a bit more and I would really love to have it finished for Jasper.

I would love to know if you have ever made a birth sampler or if there are any you like.

Thanks for reading, Jen x