15 Month Old Baby / Toddler Update

How am I writing Jasper’s 15 month old baby update already?! He is 15 months old today and walking pretty well now so he is definitely a toddler (even though he will always be my baby). I say this at every single stage with Jasper but he is just at an amazing age at the moment. He’s learning new things every day and understanding more and more and it is so amazing to watch. I love looking back at these updates* to see how much he has changed and I hope they might be useful to someone wanting to know what to expect with a 15 month old.

Jasper’s hand and feet prints at 15 months old.

Jasper is really funny with the best personality and he is always inventing little games. He makes a really excited noise every time we go to the park, which is pretty much every day, and he loves to be outside, giving us hints when he wants to go outside by trying to put his shoes on or open the front door.

His favourite toys are balls, he has a yoga ball, tennis ball, golf ball, glittery ball and more including lots of ball pit balls. He will spend ages throwing them, rolling them and putting them in to things. He is also currently obsessed with spinning things, he will check everything to see if it spins and his walkers are always on their side so he can spin their wheels. He also learnt to spin around in circles yesterday and kept going even when he was so dizzy.

Jasper still really enjoys reading, he has his favourite books that he likes to read again and again and do the actions as I read them. He also likes to point out things when he wants to know the name of it. His signing and talking has also come on a lot over the summer which has been really handy at helping be to be less frustrated because I know more what he is trying to tell me. He can now shake his head to say no to something, which sometimes isn’t always so helpful because he does this when he doesn’t want to leave the park or get out of the bath!

He is still really good at eating and will pretty much eat everything he is offered, although he has gone off avocado a bit at the moment. His sleep is still pretty terrible so I have really been trying to work on this the last couple of days because I have a bit of time off work. I am trying to give him a really consistent routine so he will know when to expect sleep time and what his sleep cues are. So far I have put him down for 5 sleeps including naps and for the night and I am seeing a bit of improvement so hopefully this will be a bit of a change in his sleep. I will report back with how we get on.

Action shot of Jasper running towards me at the park.

Jasper’s latest trick is pointing to himself when asked where’s mummies best friend and it just melts me every time. I just love him so much and want to spend every possible minute with him. Is anyone like this or am I the only soppy one? I will stop rambling on now because I could probably go on forever.

What is/was your little one like at 15 months old? Let me know in the comments or on facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for reading, Jen x

*Previous baby updates can be found here: 5 Month Baby Update and 9 Month Baby Update.


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