Baby Firsts – Jasper Takes His First Steps

About 2 weeks ago, I was just pottering around in the kitchen and Jasper stood up at the door and took like 6 steps towards me. It was literally the craziest thing and I wasn’t expecting it. He had been standing and pulling himself up for ages and had taken the odd step here and there but not really without holding on.

Action shot of Jasper practically running across the park!

The picture above was a few days after he took his first steps without any help. Since then he has been trying to walk more and more and it is just the cutest thing. I think he just looks too little to be able to walk! I think its amazing watching him learn new things and become more and more confident with it.

Jasper has always been a really good crawler and I think that meant that he has been in no rush to start to walk. But now that he has started he has realised some of the benefits, like that he can now carry things around in his hands when he walks! I am also trying to encourage him to walk rather than crawl when we are outside now, like when we are at the park.

Usually I find there isn’t an exact date of when he actually starts doing a new thing or when he gets to a new milestone. It’s usually so gradual that I just end up realising that he is now doing it. So I typically record his new things to the nearest month rather than the nearest day. But with walking the steps he took in the kitchen were definitely his first proper ones.

How did you feel when your little ones took their first steps? I would like to know in the comments or on facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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