Getting back in to blogging!

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts over here for the last few weeks! Between mumming and working there hasn’t been much time left for blogging, but I’m hoping to change that. I have a couple of interesting posts lined up for the next few days about Jasper’s first steps, some porridge topping ideas and a summary of the #othermothers summer instagram challenge, quite a mix of topics!!

Jaspy enjoying the warm weather in his make shift paddling pool!

Although Jasper is now sleeping better during the night, he just ends up going to bed so late that by the time he is asleep, I practically go straight to sleep myself. I will talk about this more in the instagram challenge post but does anyone else just have times when they are so tired? I have been trying to read a bit more before bed as well to help me sleep a bit better but I usually only manage a couple of pages. I would like some more book suggestions to add to my ever growing to read list if you had any. I also wondered if you would be interested to know what books I have lined up next?

I have also set up a facebook page recently which I don’t think I have spoken about on here so if you would like to go and check that out then it is linked here.

In other news, Jasper has started going to a toddler yoga class which is something a bit different and fun to do over the summer holiday season. But other than that not much new is going on. I am just trying to balance home and work life and soak up Jaspy as much as possible. His personality is blossoming at the moment and it’s amazing to watch.

I don’t think I have too much else to say really. I have been a bit better at posting over on instagram if you would like to go and have a look over there. I would also love to know if there are any specific recipes you would like to see, I’m currently working on a potato cake recipe but I’m not too sure what to create next.

What have you been getting up to recently? I would like to know in the comments or on facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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