Transitioning Jasper in to a Bed

Over the weekend I changed Jasper’s cotbed from a cot to a bed. He has never actually used it as a cot, he slept in his Snuzpod for his first 5 months and has coslept with me ever since. I have tried on a few occasions to get him to sleep in his cot but it just resulted in him waking up crying every 15 minutes and lots of banged heads on the bars. Jasper has never been a great sleeper anyway, so I up until now decided it was best to cosleep so that I could at least get some sleep between wake ups. But I feel like now he is at a good age to be introduced to the idea of his own bed and bedroom.

Telling his teddy all about his new bed!

Now that the bed is set up I am hoping he can get used to being in the room with it and start practise climbing in and out of it. Also I am hoping he will nap in his bed because at the moment I have to sit with him at every nap as my bed is too high to leave him alone. So far he has had a couple of naps in his bed and he has done really with them and not woken up early or rolled out. He also has woken up quite happy and either climbed out of the bed or played with his teddy. I have still sat with him while he napped because I was too worried to leave him yet but so far so good. I haven’t put him in his own bed for the night yet because I want him to get a bit more used to it and I would probably be too worried about him to sleep so I am planning to pick a night when I don’t have much on the next day.

How did/would you find it when your baby started staying in their own room? How did they do with the transition to a bed? Let me know what in the comments below, on Instagram or on Twitter.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


4 thoughts on “Transitioning Jasper in to a Bed”

  1. We have a ‘next 2 me’ cot for Baby F. I love it as I can see him and he can see me, he’s close enough that I can stroke him but I don’t have to worry about rolling on him in my sleep. I plan on putting him in his own room when he’s 1 and then take sides of the cot bed somewhere around age 2 depending on what he’s like by then x

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    1. Aw that sounds like a great plan! I found our snuzpod great for similar reasons, I loved that he could be close when he was so little. Jaspy is 1 now and it seems like a good age for him transition to his own room x

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