What I Eat Whilst Breastfeeding and What My 10 Month Old Eats In A Day

Hey! I’ve not written a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ post for a while and I really enjoyed doing the last one so I thought write an updated version. Jasper has actually just turned 11 months but I took these pictures about a week ago when he was still 10 months old and not much has really changed in how he eats in that time. I am still breastfeeding Jasper but he is having much less feeds than the previous post, although still quite a few, and I am slowly trying to wean him more. Me and Jasper eat basically the same meals now so I have also included what he eats. It’s usually presented slightly differently but its pretty much the same as what I have cooked for myself. If you want to know how Jasper’s eating has changed, I wrote this post of what Jasper ate when he was 6 months old.

On this day we woke up at 8am which is a bit later than usual for us. Usually Jasper wakes up between 6am and 7am although this last week it has been as early as 4.30am! When we first wake up I like to start the day by breastfeeding Jasper in bed.

Then it’s time for mummy’s breakfast at around 8.30am by the time we have got up, changed Jasper’s nappy and so on. I usually eat my breakfast first to give Jasper time to get a hungrier for his after having his milk. On this day, I had the same breakfast that I pretty much always have which is porridge made with almond milk and water. I like to add cinnamon, chopped up dates, pea protein powder and flax seed to it as well. It might seem a bit weird but I usually eat my breakfast out of some sort of Tupperware because I microwave my porridge and Tupperware doesn’t go hot like a bowl and I can’t usually be bothered to transfer it to a bowl. I also prefer to eat with a teaspoon as well.

My breakfast – porridge.

At 9am Jasper had his breakfast. He usually has some sort of fruit whilst I make his porridge and this time it was melon and pineapple fingers. He also had a bowl of Ready Brek made with Oatly oat milk – until he was 10 months old I made his porridge with breastmilk but now that he is older and needs a bigger breakfast I use oat milk. I also added some flax seed, a teaspoon of cashew butter and his vitamin D drops to it as well.

Jasper’s breakfast – porridge with melon and pineapple.

At midday, we both had lunch which on this day was jacket potatoes and beans. Jasper had his mashed up and I fed it to him with a spoon. We also had a side of baby corns.

Lunch – jackets potatoes and beans with baby corn.

About an hour after his lunch, I breastfed Jasper.

Then our afternoon snack on this day which we shared was cucumber sticks and houmous. This is probably Jasper’s favourite snack and he loves to make a big mess with the houmous.

Snack – cucumber sticks and houmous.

At around 5pm , we had our dinner which was fajitas including white tortilla wraps, peppers and tofu in a smoky barbecue seasoning, mushrooms, broccoli and salsa. Jasper had some of the wraps, some raw pepper, mushrooms and broccoli.

Dinner – fajitas.

The last thing we ate was our supper. I know it doesn’t look great but it was really tasty and I like to call them pudding bowls. They are just yoghurt (I like the Koko dairy free coconut yoghurt) with mashed up banana, almond butter and chai seeds.

Supper – yoghurt.

Finally at around 7pm I breastfed Jasper and I also had a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

In terms of drinks for the day, I pretty much just had water from my water bottle which I filled a couple of times. I also had a couple of hot waters which I really like too. I offered Jasper water from his Munchkin 360 cup with each meal and several times throughout the day.

I love nosying at what other people eat so I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. And maybe it has given you some inspiration of different meals to eat if your breastfeeding or to give to your babies. I’d love to know in the comments or on Instagram or Twitter if you like or try any of these meals or if you have any ideas you think I should try out!

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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