How I Store Baby Items That I want To Keep

Hi, so this post is about how I store Jasper’s things that he’s mainly grown out of or that he no longer needs. These are the things that I want to keep in case we decide to have another baby so I wanted to store them so they stay in great condition. After I gathered the things I wanted to keep, I googled the best way to store them and I couldn’t really find any good information. So I thought I would share what I’ve decided to do in case it would be useful for anyone else that isn’t sure how to store these sort of things or if any has any tips on better ways to store these things for me that would also be great!

2019-01-16 11.38.46
Some of Jasper’s things that I have packed away.

These are some of the things that I want to keep and how I have decided to store them:

  • Clothes – I guess this is probably a big one for everyone after they have had a baby, what to do with all the clothes that they seem to grow out of so quickly. Jasper is already in mostly all 12-18 month clothing which means I have had to change his wardrobe 4 times so far. I wanted to keep them all because I would love to see another baby in his clothes but it’s quite a lot of clothes to keep hold off. So I have decided to store his clothes in vacuum bags. These basically work by placing the clothes in the bag and then hoovering all of the air out so there is no moisture in there that could damage the clothes. I have a separate vacuum bag for each age range so one for 0-1 months and 0-3 months etc, to hopefully keep them organised.
  • Pram Carry Cot – This part of the pram Jasper used for approximately 4 months. After sponging down the mattress it was basically like brand new so I decided to keep it and I have again stored it in a vacuum bag. For the actual carry cot, I put the rain cover on and wrapped it in plastic furniture covering. I’m sure there is probably a better way to store this, that would hopefully use less plastic, so if you have any suggestions I would love to know. Jasper is still using the base of the pram with a next stage seat so I haven’t needed to store this yet. But we would probably have to get a new base if we wanted to use it again because this one has been really well loved.
  • Snuzpod – We used a Snuzpod as Jasper’s bed when he was a newborn. Jasper used it for less than 5 months so it is in really great condition. Similarly to his pram carry cot, I vacuum packed the mattress and then dismantled the frame and wrapped it up in a plastic furniture cover. I am hoping to put the frame in a cardboard box as well, maybe an old TV box?!

Did you keep any of these items after having your baby? I would love to know how you stored them if you did because I’m sure there must be better ways of doing it, this is just what I have done for now.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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