Jasper’s 9 To 12 Month Check Up

Today we had Jasper’s 9 to 12 month check up. He did really well and they had no concerns. I didn’t really know what the check up would consist of so I thought I would post it here in case anyone else has one coming up.


When you make the appointment, a questionnaire is sent out in the post for you to complete in advance. This asks all sorts of questions including if your baby tries to get a raisin out of a clear plastic bottle and if you enjoy meal times together.

Our appointment was with a nursery nurse. When we arrived she took the questionnaire and used the answers to give him a score in different areas. I’m not sure what the scores meant but apparently she had no concerns. Jasper then played with some toys whilst she told me the guidelines on various things such as vitamins and safety. Finally Jasper was weighed and his height measured.

We were given some books to take away which I thought was really nice too. And also a toothbrush and some tooth paste!

How did you find your babies check ups?

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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