A Little Update – Myself and Jasper Have Been Unwell

Hi! Firstly apologies for the silence over here, me and Jasper have had the flu and Jasper’s went on to his chest so he ended up needed antibiotics for a chest infection. So we have spent the last couple of week’s having lots of cuddles and watching too much Paw Patrol whilst being surrounded by tissues. We are just about on the mend now so I am looking forward to posting on here again.

Jasper shredding tissues and reading books.

This picture has been a common view for me over the last few weeks, Jasper loves pulling the tissues out of the box and shredding them up. Then once they are shredded he always tries to eat them. This has been the only picture I have taken because it’s not really been a pretty sight. We didn’t actually leave the house for a week other than to go to the doctors but we managed to get out to a play group today. I also realised after I took the picture that it looks like he is missing a foot (don’t worry he isn’t!), the trousers are just a bit too long.

Anyway I hope you are well and have managed to avoid some of the bugs that have been going around. I would love to know what you have been up to because I am starting to feel the cabin fever now.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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