What To Store In A Baby Memory Box

Hey! This post is all about what things I have decided to store in Jasper’s baby memory box. After Christmas, I was looking at the January sales on the JoJo Maman Bébé website and found that all of their ‘Born In 2018’ range was quite discounted. So I decided to buy the memory box in this range which I think I got for £3 in the end (I don’t think there are any ‘Born In 2018’ boxes left but there are ‘Born In 2019’ ones!). Since I was pregnant I have been gathering things to keep in a memory box, so I am really glad I finally have somewhere to keep these things safe.

2019-01-20 17.18.06
What I have filled Jaspers memory box with.

I think the designs of these memory boxes are super cute and they are really good quality too.

2019-01-20 17.16.23
The outside of the box.
2019-01-20 17.17.20
Love this little detail!

So here is a little list of things I have included in Jasper’s memory box so far:

  • Scan Pictures – I had a scan of Jasper when I was 12, 20 and 34 weeks pregnant so I have included the pictures of these (I have actually misplaced the 34 week one but when I find it I will include it).
  • His Hospital Tags – I have kept the tags that were round his ankle and wrist when we were in hospital, I think it’s so cute to remember how small they were.
  • Cards – I have kept the cards that family and friends sent when he was born and from his first Christmas. I will probably eventually thin out some of these but for now I like looking back at who sent him things.
  • Banners and Balloons – When I was in the hospital my mum decorated my house with ‘It’s A Boy’ banners and balloons so I have kept a couple of these as mementos.
  • Hand And Foot Prints – When Jasper was three months old I used some poster paint to take prints of his hands and feet to remember how small they were. I actually hadn’t realised how long it had been since I did these, I should probably do more to see how much they have grown!
  • ‘Born In 2018’ Items – Jasper had a baby grow and socks with ‘Born In 2018’ which I thought would be really nice to keep.
  • A Vest – One of the presents we got from a friend when Jasper was born was a vest that they had his name printed on. It was a total surprise to receive and I loved it!
  • Christmas Dinner Bib – Jasper got a bib from his grandma for Christmas that had ‘My First Christmas’ on it, I thought it was super cute so I decided to keep it.
  • Certificates – Jasper has been given a couple of certificates from the classes we have attended like baby massage and baby yoga, we were so proud that he had got his first certificates so I have kept them all.

I hope you have found it interesting what I keep in Jasper’s memory box. I would love to know if you have a memory box for your baby and what you store in it.

I have also written another post on storing baby photos if you would find that interesting.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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