Baby Has Had A Cold

Hi Guys, this week has been quite a full on mum week because Baby Jasper has had a cold. It started on Monday really after quite a restless Sunday nights sleep (he doesn’t normally sleep great but this was even more disturbed). He wanted more milk during the night than normal so I guess it was to up his fluids to help him feel better. He then spent all of Monday sneezing a lot and being very snuffly and he also had two naps that were quite long for him (just over an hour). But despite being ill, he seemed in pretty good spirits so we decided to go out for a walk to get some fresh air and pop in to the library and to the park. I’ve included a picture of Jasper looking less than impressed on our walk below.

Poorly baby on a walk to get some fresh air.

On Tuesday, Jasper didn’t really seem too ill anymore (much less sneezing!) but he was quite clingy and unsettled all day. I was super tired by the end of this day because of all the carrying I did. By Wednesday, he seemed in better spirits again but he had developed a cough. So far today, he seems better in every aspect so hopefully he is well on his way to being on the mend!

I took the picture below on our walk and it made me really excited for spring despite still being absolutely freezing. Also since this picture was taken we have had lots of snow and ice in the UK!

The blue skies make me so excited for warmer and sunnier weather!

This is really the second illness Jasper has had so I was quite unprepared with what to do. The last time he was ill, he was 3 months old so there wasn’t really much I could do to help then other than lots of cuddles and milk. A few mums have recommended Snufflebabe and vapour plug ins  for when their babies have had colds so I will definitely stock up on these before he is ill again so I am prepared next time. We also had to do a run to the shop on Monday for tissues because we didn’t have any in (that’s how unprepared I was!), not ideal with a cold!

I would love to hear any other tips you might have for helping a baby that has a cold.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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