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5 Great Things About Being Pregnant

Hi everyone, today I wanted to share a positive pregnancy post, I loved being pregnant and I wanted to share some my favourite things about it. I’m not saying there weren’t hard parts (hello hip pain and heart burn!) but I really enjoyed it. Also everyone’s pregnancies are different so what was great for me may not be great for you but I hope you enjoy being pregnant too!

img-20180430-wa0001 (1)
Me at 37 weeks pregnant with Jasper.

  1. Luscious Hair – Usually when you are pregnant your hair pretty much stops falling out which makes your hair look much fuller. My hair is already pretty thick normally but I remember when I was pregnant, bobbles would snap out of my hair all the time. The only downside to this is that the your hair will fall out after you have given birth which will seem like a lot but it is only the excess that you kept hold of whilst you were pregnant.
  2. Warm Hands and Feet – During pregnancy the amount of blood in your body can increase by up to 50% which means that you will probably feel much warmer than usual. Generally I am that person who always has cold feet so I loved this pregnancy symptom and really enjoyed feeling warm all the time. I know not everyone loves this because if you are usually quite a warm person then you might not like being even hotter!
  3. Glowing Skin – It really is true what they say that pregnant women glow, I felt that whilst I was pregnant my skin was really good and I didn’t get any spots. Although this is probably linked to the extra blood causing you to have a nice sheen, it was still really nice.
  4. Feeling Kicks and Wriggles – This was my absolute favourite thing about being pregnant, I loved feeling Jasper move around and kick. I felt really connected to him before he was even born and loved being able to communicate with him through his movement, for example he would kick extra when we played Rita Ora to my bump!
  5.  Knowing You Are About To Meet Your Baby – My final favourite thing about being pregnant was the feeling that my life was about to change forever because I was going to have a baby that I would love more than anything. This felt so special and I loved it.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out about my favourite things about being pregnant, I would love to know what your favourite things were or what you are looking forward to about being pregnant.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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