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How To Store Your Baby Photos

On Friday I had an exciting delivery of Jasper’s 3 to 6 month baby photos and I have spent the last few days adding them to the album shown below. I thought I would share this as I think it is a nice way of storing a selection of the favourites of all the many photos usually taken of babies, I know we have literally taken 1000’s of Jasper!

2019-01-05 11.48.46
Jasper’s Photo Albums.

We got these albums as a present when Jasper was born and I really like that I can store a years worth of his baby photos all together in one place. I also think these are nice as an alternative to a traditional baby book and although I would still like to make Jasper a scrap book as I don’t have a lot of time these are great for now.

Me and my partner James had a lot of fun last week picking out our favourite 36 photos from the last 3 months. I then placed an order with Boots photo (who had a really good January sale on) and had them delivered a few days later. Once they arrived I sorted them in to date order and wrote the date of when it was taken on the back of each one because I thought it might be useful in the future or maybe just a waste of time?! Then I popped them all in the album and it was nice to look through Jasper’s last 3 months all together.

I hope you liked this little memory idea and I would love to know if there are any other ways you like to store your baby photos.

Thanks for reading, Jen x



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