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Babies First Christmas!

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a magical festive period. This year is Baby Jasper’s first Christmas (exciting!), so I wanted to share some of his day.

Jasper trying to get a bauble (how cute!).

Throughout December I had visions of taking Jasper to do lots of festive activities and getting loads of cute photos. But in between a bad cold and a sickness bug that took down both myself and James within 6 hours of each other (how?!), we didn’t do all the activities I had planned although it probably would have been too much anyway. So what we did manage was a festive messy play, a festive baby yoga class, an elf hunt and we saw a Santa in the shopping centre. I didn’t want to take him to a grotto in case he cried having to sit on a strangers lap but he actually loved it, typical! I would recommend these festive activities for anyone with a baby.

We spent Jasper’s first Christmas day with our little family of 3. We had a really relaxed day slowly opening presents and all playing together because we didn’t want to overwhelm Jasper and change his routine too much. It may have been a bit too relaxed though because we still had a couple of presents to open on the 27th.

First Christmas Dinner!

For Jasper’s first Christmas dinner he had boiled potatoes, carrots sticks, sprouts and broccoli. He really enjoyed sitting with us and making a big mes with his vegetables but I’m not sure if he actually ate anything!

“What’s this tree in the house mummy?!”

I really enjoyed Jasper’s first Christmas and I can’t wait to spend many more christmases with him and making our own family traditions. I would love to hear about your Christmas days and what traditions you do!

Thanks for reading, Jen x



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