I thought I had Mastitis

Yesterday at mid morning I was breast feeding Jasper and I noticed quite an angry looking red patch on my right boob and thought it could be mastitis. I immediately did a google search, read the NHS website, panicked and thought it would be best to make a GP’s appointment. Luckily they were able to make me an appointment for that afternoon, which I was grateful for given the time of year.

My view whilst trying to rest.

Mastitis is usually cause by a build up of milk which can get infected if bacteria gets there. I had got quite engorged overnight so I spent the rest of the morning trying to to feed Jasper quite a bit particularly from that side. I also tried to rest and make sure I was extra hydrated (easier said than done with a 6 month old!). Luckily this made the redness go down so I guess it must have cleared some of the milk and I didn’t need my appointment in the end.

I wanted to share this scare as I thought it would be useful to make any breastfeeding mums reading this aware of mastitis. If you didn’t already know so you can look up the symptoms and know what to look out for as it can be important to see a doctor if you suspect it.

Jen x


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