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10 Yummy First Food Ideas For Babies

Hi Everyone, following on from my last post about preparing Baby Jasper’s first foods, I thought I would share the first 10 foods that he tried. I did some reading and I decided I would like to do mostly ‘veg first weaning’ so that hopefully he would love his vegetables. Whilst reading I found that there is some research that concluded the earlier vegetables are given to babies during weaning the more likely they are to accept and like them. I also found out when doing my research that babies are generally born with a sweet tooth because their milk is classed as a sweet food, which I thought was interesting. So below is the order I introduced Jasper’s 10 first foods, how long I waited before introducing new flavours and his verdict on the tastes!

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A few of Jasper’s First Foods.

Baby Rice – When I started to wean Baby Jasper on to solid food he was just older than 4 months old so I decided baby rice would be the best first food to give him as it is quite similar to his milk and very smooth. I fed it to him after his midday milk so that he wouldn’t get frustrated trying to eat when he was too hungry. I made his rice using breast milk and I added his vitamin d drops to it (which he needs because he is exclusively breastfed). I just gave him this meal for 6 days, at first he would just have a couple of mouthfuls but after 6 days he ate most the bowl so I thought it was time to introduce a bit more food.

Avocado – So after a week of weaning I decided to add an evening meal to his day, in addition to the baby rice. The first evening meal I gave him was avocado mashed with breast milk. He had this as his evening meal for 3 days in a row and really liked it (avocado is still a fave now!).

Broccoli – The next food I gave was broccoli. He had this for his evening meal for 2 days in a row, whilst still having his baby rice at midday. I gave him his broccoli as a puree and he quite liked it.

Peas – Then for the next 2 days evening meal, I gave Baby Jasper pureed peas, which again went down quite well and he still likes them.

Carrot – For the next 2 days, I gave Baby Jasper mashed up carrot as his evening meal. He wasn’t so keen on it though and by the second evening wouldn’t really eat any of it. So I tried to give him broccoli instead and he wouldn’t eat that either and was pretty much gagging on everything. Even now he still won’t really eat carrot and pulls a pretty funny face every time I feed it to him.

Sweet Potato – Since he was starting to struggle with evening vegetables but was still eating his rice, I decided to start mixing mixing in some vegetables like the broccoli and peas into his baby rice. I then gave him mashed sweet potato as his evening meal. I find sweet potato quite a hit and miss food to feed him as sometimes he seems to really like it but other times he won’t eat any of it.

Butternut Squash – The next first food Baby Jasper tried was mashed butternut squash. He wasn’t really a fan of it and still isn’t really. I think he might have a bit of an aversion to orange vegetables!

Courgette – The next vegetable I gave to Jasper was pureed courgette. I found this vegetable quite watery when pureed so I like to thicken it up a bit with some baby rice.

Sprouts – Another first food I gave to Baby Jasper was sprouts. I gave them to him blended with milk and they have turned out to be his favourite vegetable. I find it funny that he loves sprouts but doesn’t like carrots, I can’t wait to tell him that when he’s older!

White Potato – Another first food that is still one of Jasper’s favourites is white potato mashed with milk. I like to give him this with a vegetable for either dinner or tea.

Cauliflower – The final of Jasper’s first 10 foods was cauliflower. Again he had this pureed and usually has it mixed with either baby rice or mashed potato.

Jasper is now 6 months old and up to three meals a day so I’m hoping to do a ‘what my baby eats in a day’ post soon so you can see more of his weaning journey.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration of some different first foods to feed your baby and I would love to know what first foods your baby enjoyed.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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