How to Create a Baby Hand Print Card

Hi Everyone, today’s post is how to make a hand print card with your baby. I recently did this activity with Baby Jasper because it was his daddy’s birthday and I wanted to help Jasper make something special to give to his daddy. I thought a hand print card would be good because Jasper would have fun playing with paint and it would make a nice gift. So I took to Pinterest to get ideas and saw a fish card. I thought this would be perfect to make because we like to call Jasper our little Nemo.

So to make this card you will first need to gather the materials as in the picture below. This will include some non toxic poster paint in the colours of orange, white and green. You will need a blank card, blue works well with this design, but I would also recommend having some spares on stand by incase your hand print goes wrong the first time. Other materials will include embellishments to decorate your card such a googly eyes and stickers. You will also need something to spread the paint on the babies hand, I used a paint brush but I think a sponge would spread the paint much more evenly. I would also recommend having some wipes or a bath ready as the paint can get quite messy!

2018-09-28 07.49.52
The materials needed to make the card.

Then its time for the fun to begin, spread the orange paint on the babies right hand and print it so that the finger tips are towards the right edge of the card. Once the hand print is dry, use the white paint to add stripes to the fish and some air bubbles and the green paint to add seaweed to the bottom of the card. Then leave this paint to dry and add the embellishments to the card. I decorated my card with a googly eye for the fish and stickers that said ‘happy birthday Daddy’. Finally, write the card and gift it!

2018-09-28 07.52.59.jpg
The finished card.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this activity to do with your baby and I would also love to hear ideas for other crafts you like to do with your baby.

Thanks for reading, Jen x


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